With a history dating back to 1948, PERMASTORE® Glass-Lined-Steel/Glass-Fused-to-Steel Silos provide clean and efficient storage of grains and forage.  The secure sealed system of storage with various capacities gives significant benefits to livestock producers:

  • High quality feed grain
  • Maximized nutrient value of the feed with lower moisture loss
  • Natural conservation without use of chemicals
  • No drying costs
  • Exclusion of vermin and birds
  • Natural suppression of diseases and weeds by the dark, oxygen limiting environment
  • Suitability for organically grown produce
  • Traceability of inputs for accreditation schemes
  • Permits earlier harvesting to eliminate drying costs
  • Harvesting flexibility and buffer storage for existing grain storage systems
  • Greater palatability for livestock
  • High digestibility for livestock
  • High animal growth rates and feed conversion efficiency


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